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ChaCha 18.09.2014

LET'S DANCE CHA CHA True Canadian Gold is our long-awaited Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog. ChaCha is the laureate of four European junior championships.

She's very cheerful, friendly and fast learning dog that we have loved.

Cha Cha is:

  • International Show Champion (C.I.E.)
  • Polish Champion
  • Lithuanian Champion
  • Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2016
  • Polish Junior Champion
  • Czech Junior Champion
  • Slovakia Junior Champion
  • Lithuanian Junior Champion


  • HD A
  • ED 0/0
  • prcd PRA normal
  • CEA/CH normal
  • clear eyes
  • clear heart
  • DM carrier
  • JADD propable normal (N/N)
  • CP1 normal (N/N)
  • CLPS normal
  • DEN clear/normal
  • BUFF clear/normal


Full pedigree could be accessed in link.


Mother: VANILLA SKY True Canadian Gold


Father: Rhineferry's NAMID INDIAN DANCER


Below you can find few judge opinions about ChaCha in Polish.

Dog Shows

2017-08-06Druskiennikiinternationalexcellent I, CWC, CACIB, NDSwR, BOS
2017-08-05Druskiennikiinternationalexcellent I, CWC, CACIB, NDSwR, BOS
2017-08-04Druskiennikiinternationalexcellent I
2016-10-16Jelenia Góranationalexcellent I, CWC, NDSwR, BOS
2016-10-15Jelenia Góranationalexcellent I, CWC, NDSwR, BOS
2016-10-08Spałanationalexcellent I, CWC
2016-06-12Nitrainternationalexcellent I, CWC, resCACIB
2016-06-11Nitrainternationalexcellent I, CWC, CACIB, NDSwR, BOB
2016-05-15Łódźinternationalexcellent I, CWC, CACIB, NDSwR, BOS
2016-05-14Łódźnationalexcellent II
2016-04-09Ostravanationalexcellent I, CWC, NDSwR, BOS
2016-04-03Nitrainternationalexcellent I, CWC
2016-04-02Nitrainternationalexcellent I, CWC
2016-03-06Zielona Górainternationalexcellent II
2016-01-17Nitrainternationalexcellent I, CAJC
2016-01-16Nitrainternationalexcellent I, CAJC
2016-01-10Gdańsknationalexcellent I, CWC, NDSwR, BOB
2016-01-09Brnonationalexcellent I, CAJC, BOJ
2015-11-28Nitrainternationalexcellent I, CAJC, BOJ, BOB
2015-11-21Kielcenationalexcellent III
2015-11-08Poznańinternationalexcellent II
2015-11-01Pragainternationalexcellent I, CAJC, BOJ, BOS
2015-09-20Łódźnationalexcellent I, Zw Mł, NJwR, BOB
2015-09-13Wilnonationalexcellent I, NJ, BOB
2015-08-16Nowy Sącznationalexcellent I, Zw Mł, NJwR, BOB
2015-08-09Druskiennikiinternationalexcellent I, NJ, BOS
2015-07-25Częstochowainternationalexcellent I, Zw Mł, NJwR
2015-07-11Warszawainternationalexcellent I, Zw Mł, Cruft qual.
2015-06-21Krakówinternationalvery good
2015-05-24Gostyninnationalw.o. I, NSZwR
2015-05-01Łódźinternationalw.o. I, NSzwR


Short gallery of ChaChy

More photos you can find in gallery.

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